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Seattle artist Garett turned to outdoor (plein aire) watercolor painting in 1995 after dabbling in design, arts and crafts for years. His artistic drive stems from a desire to convey to others his fascination with nature, including humanity and its works.

Painting outside, enveloped by sound, smell and the stately movement of sunlight and shadow, was a revelation for Garett. He also found, in the low tech, portable equipment of watercolor, the tools to please his muse. Recent work has included series of paintings: Seattle lakes, waterfront and architectural icons; urban and ocean scenes in Japan, Spain and Hawaii; and the western deserts of America.

Nevertheless, because Seattle rain makes outdoor painting impossible most of the year, Garett has adapted Japanese and other techniques for collages and monotypes (one-of-a-kind prints). These are made on a giant hand-operated press in a Seattle studio.

A comparison of Garett’s luminous but modestly sized paintings with his abstract or impressionist studio work reveals a single sensibility. Despite very different materials and techniques, there is the same painstaking composition and exploitation of color. There is also an affectionate but often wry treatment of human and animal subjects. The thought behind the artistic presentation is also unified—that nature with humanity in it is universally fascinating.

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